Bubblewell Barn

The clients at Bubblewell have a large farmhouse, to which they needed to add a two-storey extension. The extension was built with a green oak timber frame, which you can see here being erected on site:

timber frame, oak frame, green oak, extension, timber framing

The timber frame was built to fit around the stone and brick walls, with roof trusses to support the roof and to accommodate an airy new bedroom on the first floor.

timber frame, roof truss, green oak, oak frame, extensionOn the ground floor, the beams were left exposed to create a warm country kitchen.

timber frame, extension, oak frame, green oak, timber framingOn the exterior of the build, a section of upright posts on both storeys was left exposed, creating a striking traditional style feature and housing the glazed units on both floors.

extension, green oak, oak frame, timber frame, timber framing