Timber Framing

Timber framing is an age-old traditional building method. The survival rate of oak-framed structures is testament to their strength and durability. It has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, with the new emphasis on sustainable building methods.

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Every joint is measured, cut, marked and tested in the time-honoured fashion. Apart from the use of some hand-held machine tools, a medieval carpenter would recognise the techniques used now. Joints are marked by hand to show where they fit together:

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The frames in traditional style structures are still the same as hundreds of years ago, such as these interrupted tie-beam trusses for a vaulted barn roof:

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Also traditional are arch braced trusses, as seen in this conservatory extension:

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More contemporary framed structures are now popular too, dispensing with the traditional arch braces to create a modern appearance:

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Timber framed structures are often combined with double glazed panels to create light-filled and spacious rooms.

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If you want a durable, beautiful and economical structure, a green oak or Douglas fir frame is one of the best choices you can make.